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R.E.A.D. - Road to Reading speed reading test
Print the test pages, prepare timer and calculator to get wpm speed and comprehension when reading from paper.

Improved Communication Skills speed reading test
Speed and comprehension test. Seminars in Australia.

FReader Free Demo
Provides for three different speed and comprehension off-line tests.

FReader online

    Free Demo

  Speed Reading Software
  The Reading Highway

Valuable and Free Speed Reading Material Online

An excellent speed reading overview in chapter two of this master thesis.

Study Skills Self-help Information at Virginia Tech.

R.E.A.D - Road to Reading did you know?. Facts on literacy and education.

R.E.A.D - Road to Reading free speed reading course only for residents of the United States.

Search for 'speed reading' at cnet.com and download free demos of speed reading software.

More Speed Reading Links

Selfgrowth speed reading links. A directory of Speed Reading and other Self Improvement Methods related Websites.

R.E.A.D - Road to Reading links

Reading Study Skills links at Learning Assistance Center.


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