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Effective Speed Reading
LocationsCalgary AB
Phone(403) 274-5164
Fax(603) 415-4976
Web Sitewww.effectivespeedreading.com/
e-mailEvelyn Levson info@effectivespeedreading.com

British Columbia

Effective Reading Systems
Address1469 Lansdowne Dr.
Coquitlam, B.C., Canada V3E 2S8
LocationsVancouver B.C., ...
Phone/Fax(604) 945-0803
Web Sitewww.speedreader.net/
e-mailRod Stables rstables@axionet.com


The Harris Institute of Speed Reading
AddressC. P. 4856, Succursale E,
Ottawa ON, Canada
LanguageEnglish, French
LocationsOttawa ON, Toronto ON, Gatineau QC, Montreal QC, USA
Phone(613) 234-7533 or 1-800-391-7323
Web Sitewww.speedreading.ca/
e-mailSteve Harris harrinst@magi.com


Centre de lecture rapide CLR
AddressC.P. 501, succ. Snowdon,
Montréal (Québec) H3X 3T7
LocationsMontréal QC, . . .
Phone/Fax(514) 484-9962
Web Sitewww.clrdirect.com/

Cours de lecture rapide Daniel Gagnon
Language French
LocationsQuébec QC, Montréal QC, . . .
Phone(418) 649-1359
Web Sitewww3.sympatico.ca/lecturerapide
e-mailDaniel Gagnon lecturerapide@sympatico.ca

 The Harris Institute of Speed Reading Ottawa ON

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